Monday, July 16, 2012

What Fashion Means to Me

Such a cliche' statement to be associated with my love for style.  I absolutely love fashion. It literally makes me happy to see someone dressed to the nines and it actually work for them.  I believe style comes from within and everyone style is unique to their own morals, values, upbringings and views on style. Yes, style encompasses all of these thing. It may not seem as though theses things are going to come into play but when you think about it these are the things that are the foundations behind all personal style. I remember looking at all of the high end fashion magazines imagining one day that I would be able to get my hands on these items and somehow my thirst for fashion would be satisfied. But fashion is more than price or a designer its about whats on the inside and though it may sound corny it true. I don't care what you wear if you are not happy with yourself all the expensive clothes in the world won't be able to hide that.

Until next time.
Be the beautiful expression of love you're intended to be.

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